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Happy rock art:) January 20, 2010

My boys and I love to go to our library in Mossel Bay, and me love to look at craft books for kids:) I spoted great book about rock painting for kid, there was loads of cute and simple ideas. We took it home and this is how I started my first rock painting. First I decide to make rock houses for my boys sand pit. They were fun to make and Sasha and Max really loved them. Then couple of my friends saw them and they suggested I can use them as a door stopper!    Good idea!!!   

So my rock houses became my next project and I planed to sell them at my friend Clair’s food and craft market in Hoekwil (November 2009).

It was a great success! I sold 80% of my rocks, rest was given as a gifts for Xmas:)And I even got some orders after market, Yippee;-)